Utilizing VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) technology

Utilizing VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning)

VSP® technology provides our team with a clear three-dimensional understanding of our patient’s anatomy to develop a strategy prior to entering the operating room. In addition, patient specific sterilizable surgical guides, models and instruments are produced for use during surgery. Not only does VSP reduce the time that a patient spends under anesthesia it also improves surgical outcomes.

Step 1: Patient CT Scan

Step 2: Virtual Planning

Step 3: Orthognathic Splint Design

Step 4: Splint used in surgery

How does VSP work?

Beginning with a patients CT scan, a team of biomedical engineers at 3D Systems takes the data and brings it into a three-dimensional environment. Next your surgeon and a biomedical engineer participate in a webmeeting where they review the data in a 3D environment and determine the surgical plan. Based on the webmeeting, patient specific guides are designed, manufactured and sent for sterilization and use during surgery. To learn more about VSP please visit: www.3dsystems.com/healthcare.