Medical Mission to Romblon Philippines 2020



Drs. Ron and Cara Thoman and daughter Lauren landing in Romblon after 3 days of travel.

Dr. Thoman along with his wife Dr. Cara Thoman DMD and his daughter Lauren were privileged to participate in 2020 Medical Mission of Mercy (MMOM) to Romblon, Phillipines.  The COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to hit the headlines when we departed Colorado for the Philippine in early February 2020.  Our destination was the small island of Romblon off the southwest coast of the main north island of the Philippines.  We were joined by 80 other volunteers with MMOM USA.  They included Optometrists, General Surgeons, Dentists, OBGYN, Otolaryngologists and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.  The volunteers came from multiple counties including Canada, Australia, Philippines and the US.  The team treated over 1800 patients in a 4 day period. 




Dr. Thoman training ENT residents treatment of cleft lip and palate

Dr. Cara was on the dental team.  The facilities were very limited so the vast majority of care was assisting in the removal of teeth and alleviating pain.  Dr Ron Thoman spent the majority of his time treating cleft lip and palate  patients.  Since we were situated on a small island, the number of patients with cleft lip and palate were not large as other locations, but they were very complex.  Most patients presented with untreated cleft lip and palate.  Some patients had lived with these conditions well into their teens.  These patients had both the lip and palate repaired during the same surgery.  Dr. Thoman also spent time training the Otolaryngology residents from Manila how to surgically treatment of Cleft lip and palate.  As with any mission we do what is asked of us to help those in need.  Because of this when there were breaks in the schedule Dr. Thoman performed other procedures such as removal large cyst or growths form various locations on patients, or even multiple circumcisions when on the last day when two local schools showed up with about 60 boys in need of circumcision to help maintain cleanliness in a tropical environment.  Lauren their daughter helped out in the Operating room to help add to her skills as she is looking towards becoming a PA.


Dr. Thoman always considers it a great privilege to be asked to be one of the team members with Medical Mission of Mercy.  If you would like more information or would be interested financially assisting the mission please log onto  The mission is dedicated to providing care to needy individuals while being 100% self sufficient.  We require nothing other than a hospital rooms and clinics to care for patients.   MMOM bring all the equipment including fully functioning operating rooms, clinics and medications required for comprehensive patient care.