Camp Wapiyapi

Sponsor for Greg Cummings

Dr. Thoman and his staff are proud to help sponsor Colorado Springs native Greg Cummings in setting a new record for the most ascents up the Manitou Incline in one year.  Greg is not undertaking this task “because it is there”, but instead he is using this feat to help raise money for Children suffering from cancer to attend Camp Wapiyapi for a week.  He is also using the hikes to help inspire other individuals with diabetes to keep active and set goals for themselves.

Greg Cummings has Type 1 diabetes.  He has always inspired others by accomplishing goals that most would find impossible to obtain.  He is the 2 time record holder for most vertical feet climbed in one year.  He climbed nearly 3 million vertical feet in 2014.  To put that into perspective, the space station is 1.3 million vertical feet above the earth.  He is the former record holder for the most number of ascents up the Manitou incline in one year until a new record of 1719 was set by his friend Roger Austin.  Greg is on track to set a new record this year of between 1800 – 1900 ascents up the incline.

You can help us come along side Greg Cummings and help him raise funds for Children with cancer to spend a week at Camp Wapiyapi outside of Woodland Park.  Camp Wapiyapi allows Children with Cancer to spend a week running laughing and enjoying activities at no cost to them or their family.  Your tax free Donations can be made through Colorado Gives Web site.  PREFERRED CLIENT DISCOUNT


Directions for donating

  2. Type “Camp Wapiyapi” into the tab labeled “By Name or Keyword” and press GO
  3. Find the link with a picture of Greg Cummings labeled “Climb for a Cause”.
  4. You can donate through this link.